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Successful Black Entrepreneurs: A Conversation with Steven S. Rogers

November 07, 2022 Steven S. Rogers Season 3 Episode 22
Entrepreneurial Appetite
Successful Black Entrepreneurs: A Conversation with Steven S. Rogers
Show Notes

In this edition of Entrepreneurial Appetite's Black Book Discussion, we bring you a conversation with Steven S. Rogers, retired professor of business at Harvard Business School and author of Successful Black Entrepreneurs: Hidden Histories, Inspirational Stories, and Extraordinary Business Achievements.

About the book:

Successful Black Entrepreneurs is an insightful collection of Harvard Business School case studies about Black entrepreneurs succeeding in various industries and through different routes, including start-ups, franchising, and acquisitions. The book also recognizes and celebrates Black entrepreneurial excellence as it takes the reader through the stages of entrepreneurship, including ideation, raising capital, growing the company, and taking it public. In addition to identifying the positive aspects of Black entrepreneurship, the book also uses data, research, and anecdotes to highlight the challenges faced by Black entrepreneurs, including: 

  1. An inability to access capital from traditional financial institutions like banks and private equity firms
  2. The requirement to practice “racial concealment” in the company of White customers to achieve success 

Perfect for students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and established business leaders, Successful Black Entrepreneurs provides practical perspectives from Black entrepreneurs about what it takes to succeed in business. 

About the author:

Steven Rogers retired from Harvard Business School (HBS) in 2019, where he was the “MBA Class of 1957 Senior Lecturer” in General Management.

He taught Entrepreneurial Finance and a new course that he created titled “Black Business Leaders and Entrepreneurship.”

A 1985 graduate of the school, Professor Rogers holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College. Before HBS, Professor Rogers taught in the MBA and Ph.D. programs at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He received the Outstanding Professor Award for the Executive MBA Program 26 times and the daytime program twice. Both are records.

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